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Welcome to RunningSchool!

Running School, Inc. is a cardiovascular fitness and healthy lifestyle program presented to students at partner elementary and middle schools in Northern California and Nevada. The Running School mission is to help kids enjoy physical activity, make healthy lifestyle choices and develop positive attitudes towards competition. With our intensive presence at each partner school campus throughout the school year, we shape the attitudes and culture of the school community (students, parents, teachers and staff) towards an emphasis on fitness and health. As a result, we combat the serious problem of un-fit, inactive youth and a lack of time and resources for adequate public school P.E.

Our program’s emphasis on simple, individual cardiovascular activity - free from complex rules, equipment and competitive pressures of organized team sports – allows every child to experience an immediate positive impact on health, fitness and self-esteem. Beyond the physical benefits for kids, Running School inspires and cultivates a pure motivation for running. Kids experience the joy and honor of giving their best effort and striving for personal improvement with long-term goals.

Three to four times per semester, Running School visits campus for a day of fun and action! An introductory assembly kicks off the school year with a promotional highlights video, healthy eating education and elite athlete motivational message. When it's time for action, kids come outside in grade levels to participate an endurance run around campus, featuring assorted obstacles to develop agility and balance, followed by sprint relay races. Kids are running, breathing and smiling for thirty minutes of high quality cardiovascular exercise.

Kids complete the course at their own pace, as the program strikes a balance between healthy competition at the front of the pack, and the importance of focusing on individual effort, regardless of ranking. Each child can feel a sense of accomplishment and mastery as they challenge their endurance capabilities and tackle assorted challenges such as zig-zag lanes, "big air" jumps, over/under bars, tunnel crawls, bunny hops, balance beams and hurdles. The sprint races allow kids to "shift gears" and finish their 30-minute sessions with exciting head-to-head competition in racing lanes. Instruction for proper running and breathing technique is offered, and good sportsmanship is emphasized at all times.

Runners enjoy music, camaraderie and prizes - including nutritious snacks and promo items with healthy diet/exercise messages. We also offer assistance to teachers and parents toward their ongoing efforts to promote healthy, active lifestyles and appropriate physical fitness activities. Running School is committed to serving schools across the socio-economic spectrum.

Running School, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit California corporation funded by contributions from individuals and sponsors. We welcome your support and participation!


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