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  Brad Kearns Note

A Note From Brad Kearns
Running School, Inc. Founder, Executive Director and Head Coach

The inspiration for Running School comes from the extraordinary reception and impact the organized running activities have had at my children’s Skyridge Elementary School in Auburn since 2004. Children love to run and play, but they’ve been mentally and physically de-conditioned from their basic nature by the incredible momentum towards inactivity in modern life. Furthermore, there seems to be more pressure and results-expectations heaped on kids today, often at the expense of fun and pure enjoyment of the effort.

Every kid deserves to experience the joy of a healthy childhood – full of play and activity and with less pressure, stress, processed junk foods and technological distractions. While parents and educators agree with this in spirit, taking decisive action is more difficult. I’m pleased to have the opportunity to empower this great team of Running School supporters and advisors to enrich the lives of many young children. On behalf of everyone involved with the program, I sincerely appreciate your support.



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